CAB Our history


The CAB in New ZealandIn the decades since the war the CAB service has been replicated in other parts of the world and it has been adapted to suit the different societies in which it has been established.  The Citizens Advice Bureau on Ponsonby Terrace in Ponsonby was the first bureau to be established in New Zealand – it opened its doors to the public in October 1970.  It is still going strong and now there are over 80 other Citizens Advice Bureau sites in communities around New Zealand, from the far north to the deep south. The CAB in New Zealand has changed and developed over the years so that it remains relevant and useful to the public. In 2006 our organisation went through a significant and exciting process of strategic thinking and planning to create a pathway to connect where we were then to where we want to be in the future. This was a comprehensive, organisation-wide process with the direct involvement of over 500 people within the organisation. The process resulted in some big plans and exciting changes for the CAB in New Zealand making our service better, and more accessible, than ever. 2007/08 saw the Citizens Advice Bureau in New Zealand embark on the implementation of our Digital Strategy Programme, a project to develop a new technology platform to support the CAB service in every bureau throughout the country and to provide the general public with on-line access to the CAB service. We reviewed key areas of operation to ensure that technology would meet our needs, and the needs of our clients. The successful implementation of our Digital Strategy programme has placed us in a position to be at the forefront of promoting knowledge and understanding in New Zealand communities of today and of the future

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