Crit 2 Presentation & Feedback




  • Made a jump to Play. Please confirm your design action. Great term on the old fashioned medium (the radio) Slacktivism – a generation where they can be activists but they do it such a passive way. To me its like the ultimate enemy to this scenario. To me the desired action is not to engage them, its to engage them in a long term meaningful way and maybe it means actually getting off your arse and actually physically being involved in something. Because I think the temptation for the slack answer is yeah ok ive gave $10 done. Im a bit worried that an online scenario may just cater to that. How to get them to engage in a physical way, an ongoing meaningful way.
Slacktivism: actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement, e.g. signing an online petition or joining a campaign group on a social media website. “such email alerts make slacktivism easy”
  • Morozov:To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism. Its a very important book for you to read because its specifically about the way in which we perceive technology and how it changes or interrupts cultures. This will inform you better on how to answer Jasons question on long term involvement. Select an org to start designing experimental solutions, understand their needs etc you will be able to get traction to build some of the things you will need to build.
  • Start to imagine what this is going to be.


  • Skills based volunteer stuff. Consider something that matches up certain people with specific skills with agencies which can actually use those skills. There is positive stuff about skills based volunteering. Pass-it-on community based. This person teaching this person Spanish, and that person helps cook dinner for these people.


  • I disagree with the idea of lack of community culture. I think part of that generation does have that culture but it is one of online rebelion. that authenticity of post post modern. “We can make a difference through our voice.” which is true and fantastic but i think that inherently produces a community culture of masses. I think there is a desire to make a difference. There is almost one of the enemies of it is there is a resistance to be part of the system other than the great community.


  • Be careful with the use We. You experience being a part of Gen-Y is invaluable at orientation. I am wondering where is all this knowledge about Y Generation coming from? Because we are doing a research degree here. When you say we it separates the majority of the room here, and we become antagonists, or the differences between us become very significant. “i have problems with you using the word We, instead say the Y Generation as document in here and here, and as part of that generation I bring this anecdotal experience to that. Research skill building thing.
  • Does work really bring you happiness? ((It has to be meaningful work)) Your generation is going to be helping us Baby Boomers soon as we get into retirement and needing health care. And then we can talk about work ethic, and what constitutes work? Because the volunteering thing is interesting. Does that fit into the work part? Is working for a non profit volunteering you help? Is that seen as your work life? Which might be your real orientation of what it means to work?