Crit Feedback – Brian Lucid


I think you need to really narrow things down on the things you are doing. if you can only do so much in the areas you want to attack. I would challange you to really think really broadly about this idea of community, because you speak to it at certain times in really open and experimental ways, but when you start talking about how you implement it all the sudden things start to get really narrow again. and they start talking about technology and channels and what not, and I think you have so many possibilities in this space to really create these types of experiences that you want to create and I think thats what you want to focus on, that experience maybe. and then think about how the rest of the things can connect and support that. but if you can do one thing really well in this method of being able to bridge these relationships. what would that be and then start putting the rest into a heirachy. and its hard because there is so much that you want to do. Were trying to give you some of the stepping stones to get that point.

One thing is this level of specificity. Because you talk in many ways spirituality and youve talked about these environments for you know different religions but theres a question of if all religions have the same goal. Because that gives you a little platform to build your project on top on. And so absolutely you can begin cutting that stuff away and even maybe speaking for specifically to some of the particular elements within the religion, within the spiritual practice, that you want to specifically speak to and that again just gives you more.