Crit Feedback – Tristam Sparks


Fascinating topic

The breadth of it is going to be your challenge in a short time. because the interesting thing about non profits, and campaignable organisations when they get into a technological situation is finding out where the line is of software limits, what they are trying to get across, and when software actually enables, like yourself said, other people to own it. So if you are talking about specific use contexts, your talking about meditation, theres lots of benchmarks for that, in terms of people with post traumatic stress disorder, in virtual environments and so on, is there a much more spiritual way in using those technologies, to gain some sort of understanding. But my question for you is probably rhetorical in many ways is that, how do you maintain a certain amount of distance from your subject when you are so much of an interest in your life? So for a design topic and how you actually seperate that task as a designer to empart an experience vs whether your converting or attempting to convert or talk about that kind of thing, and giving somebody a subjective impression of something that is really personal. Becuase the technology like your metaphor of the star and so on – that your idea, so how to you get, or how do you make sure that is imparting some of the ideas of your organisation, or your spiritual organsiation, to somebody else.


Non profit organisations point of view thats very much about specific focuses with fundraising, with explaining the mission, and educating people on what it means to be a part of that non profit. But also you are talking about that experiential aspect as well. So theres the fact based stuff, in terms of the spiritual organisation, and then theres the experience of being a part of it. Completely seperate things, So what is the focus of your year, is it to communicate the values of the organisation and perhaps make it more publicly accessible, or is it to create a very personal experience, in terms of perhaps creating a relationship with Krishna, or Jesus Christ.


Theres a trick though in most designs and most experiences is that we can talk, we can talk about virtual experiences for a long time but really, what is the human aspect, the human centered design aspect. If somebodys using the website on their computer their in that space, are they somewhere else or if theyre sitting in a darkened room with an oculus rift.

Once sentence is just that you brought up something really important, the democratization of spirituality and non profits is actually really important because you cant stand up in front of the room anymore as a preacher or a designer or any of these kinds of things, and expect people to listen to you, because people come to it because with these things they come to it with their own points of view, so the challenge is for religions is as much important as they are for politicians, and you hit that yourself.