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Diversity Issues


Multiculturalism is a reality in today’s ethnically diverse societies. As globalisation increases so too does migration as people settle in new countries for a better life. At the same time dangerous conflicts are increasing forced migration. Our societies are becoming culturally, ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse.

On our Diversity Issues section, we’ll be talking about cultural diversity, and the ways it matters to everyone. We’re stepping outside of academia and talking about issues that matter on the ground to communities and families. We’re also sharing our CACR stories – Fellows, Students, Interns and Alumni.

You can access our articles here:


‘New Zealand Identities: Departures and Destinations’ now published as ebook

How far are we willing to go to accommodate ethnic monitories

CACR at the Diversity Forum 2014

Rebuilding from the Ashes: Institutional Racism and the Christchurch Rebuild

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Cross-cultural Psychology

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Using participatory video in social research 


CACR Fellow, Taciano Milfont, wins 2013 Goddard Award

Alumni Profile: Katja Hanke

Do People Fear Happiness?

Alumni Profile: Larissa Kus

Is New Zealand an Equal Society?

Dr. Chan-Hoong Leong becomes inaugural CACR Alumni Donor

John Berry, eminent Cross- Cultural Psychologist, visits CACR

CACR Alumni, Dr. Jaimee Stuart, is awarded Marsden Fast-Start Grant

Has multiculturalism failed?


What happens when people move to a different culture?

Perceptions of Sea-Level Rise

The burqa on the bus debate

Policing in the Pacific

CACR Alumni: Life in the Middle Kingdom

New Zealanders value a strong multicultural society

Common for couple to have an unequal desire to move countries

Corruption drops as incomes rise say Victoria researchers


Racism Online in New Zealand

Does Money Make You Happy?

Hijab: A personal reflection

Why Kiwis should respect the Hijab

NZ Muslims Are Doing Well

2010 Otto Klineberg Award


Barriers to equality faced by Asians in NZ

What Do Kiwis Really Think of Muslims?


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