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Title: Click, Cash?

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Date: May 2015

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This article covers a lot of good points regarding collecting charity online.

The articles talk about;

  • the donate button
  • other industries have rebuilt along the digital lines, Fundraising is stuck in time.
  • every year more people give online to charity
  • progress for online fundraising is frustratingly slow.
  • Many non profits lack resources to upgrade tech infrastructure
  • Many fundraisers are ambivalent about moving their business online.
  • Altogether, less than 10 percent of the organization’s gifts come in online each year. Many of those, officials believe, are made by supporters using its Internet portal only because it’s more convenient than mailing a check.
  • Internet is an effective medium to carry messages and help the organization connect with lots of donors at once. To do more online, would threaten the longstanding personal relationships that are at the heart of the organisations purpose.
  • Worries that eliminating human interaction from the giving process robs its of the emotion that fuels philanthropy.
  • Human experience of philanthropy
  • Were getting into the very first groups of people who were basically raised with the internet, with technology. So there will definitely be changes to how we choose to interact with charities.
  • Enough nonprofits aren’t doing the most basic things they need to do to move the needle.
  • Corporate industries will continue to invest in enhancing user experience for customers. And non profits will fall behind in the tech curve. Visiting a charity online will soon become like riding a stage coach.
  • Its difficult to flip the mindset of non profit leaders that dont understand that effective online fundraising merges digital strategies with principles that have guided the field for years.
  • Non profits are just learning how to translate their momentum offline into online fundraisers.
  • Effective online fundraising doesn’t eliminate the human touch at the core of giving, rather it expands the number of people advocating for a cause and creating a community whose bonding force is an organisations mission. – Core members will take on roles as ambassadors for the cause or even as fundraisers. They become owners not donors and this will deepen their engagement.
  • Mr Timms pushes back against those who see online fundraising as a cold, sterile venture that short circuits donor engagement. “The idea that somehow digital is impersonal is an absurdity,” he says. “The default response to the digital world by those who fear it is, ‘This isn’t real. It’s not how humans really interact.’ “
  • Every day you see more and more meaning and substance on the internet, more people forging thoughtful, deep connections — deeper connections than a professional fundraiser could ever hope for with a yearly newsletter.
  • Online communities can be places teeming with passion and energy, and fundraisers need to carve out time now to explore them, understand their dynamics, and test how to build them.
  • Our job is to find meaning and purpose and we have to go search for that.
  • Healthcare and education saw the biggest leaps in online support last year.