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Gordon Burnside: Morality a la the KardashiansGORDON BURNSIDELast updated 12:21, October 12 2015 KIM KARDASHIANOur Kardashian guided society would do well to take a selfie to see what happened to our values, Gordon Burnside writes.OPINION: I’m in two minds this morning. One plan is to finish the exciting story I started a few weeks back of the buried US$400,000 in Cebu, Philippines; the other is to write about something that really worries me, the dumbing down of our society and our rush to oblivion.Let’s see which wins.

Society has already lost its moral compass with established religion seemingly becoming less and less relevant to our lives. It’s still there as a crutch for those in desperate trouble but for the average Joe it’s almost meaningless.Where once people would head for Church of a Sunday for a bit of spiritual direction from the preacher, himself drilled by his rigid code, now we get it from the Kardashians, Kanye West, the former Bruce Jenner, Donald Trump etc.As a society we don’t even know what’s important any more; we cry oceans of tears and moral outrage for three days when a lion is killed by a trophy hunter or when we’re told a wealthy people smuggler’s 3-year-old  son is a poor drowned refugee.We get outraged and donate furiously when some animal welfare group, in reality a nasty big money making venture, pays some Asian peasant to skin a dog alive then broadcasts it on video.We think they’re going to buy all the dogs in Asia and save them because there’s no one credible any more to tell us what really happens to your money. There’s no one credible telling us what’s really happening in Syria and that’s why we totally ignore that every Arab Nation, Western power and Russia, have been and still are actively encouraging smaller ethnic, political and religious groups to shoot the living hell out of each other and every man woman and child they can include – all in the name of what?We’re told religion, but its not. When historians, if there are any left, look back on what actual incident sparked what may yet be the biggest confrontation the world has ever seen I wonder if they will consider that the whole world played a fiddle as the fuse in Syria burned.I wonder if they will be able to know from the future that we were all more concerned about whether someone insulted Asians by imitating their accent, affronted gays by refusing to acknowledge they are actually normal, slighted Hispanics by wanting to build a wall to keep them in Hispaniola, demeaned women by opening a door for one, got our tits in a tangle over absolutely nothing because there is nothing and no one to direct a large proportion of us any more.The press is history it seems, taken over by tabloidism fuelled by what salacious story is going to draw the most clicks to its lurid stories surrounded by advertising messages tailored exactly to what computers say you will like the most.So honesty and accountability, truth in reporting, has vanished along with the lessening interest to read it.We are truly out of control, able to be rescued only by what our moral compass tells us is wrong – except we don’t have one.So as long as those warring factions in Syria and their paymasters don’t shoot any lions they’d be safe enough from political outrage when they blow up most of the world.So, over in the Philippines we never found that buried $400,000 but that’s another story. Enjoy your place in our place, we have a chance to survive down here. – Stuff

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