Julieanna – Research Methods


Interactive Design

  • Prototyping > Testing > Analyzing > Refining
  • The process will be the implementation of that method.
  • How many websites do you need to design?
  • If you need to ask peoples stories – how do you ask and get questions?
  • Transcripts cost money
  • Phenomenology is what experience design draws from. Experience, interactive, sensorial, information design.

At 52 weeks

What was your process like? What was your journey?

Document > Reflect > Document > Reflect until your final design.

  • “Recipe is where her I.P (intellectual property) stood”.
  • You must demonstrate and show you process.
  • Bible: Zimmerman Methodologies
  • What is your opinion. Unbias, Picking project that is suited for you and not others.
  • Where is yourself in the project?
  • Anthropology > Ethnographic
  • We are researchers – that is why there has to be something about you “I” in there.
  • Understanding the relationship between your wants and also designing stuff for others.
  • Your values, your background where you are coming from
  • Wendy, Rosemary Mortimar both used the “I” word appropriately.
  • When you write and speak your design work should reflect your personality.