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Search for material relevant to your project rather than reading the entirety.

These  sources might  contribute to the  specific combination of research knowledge that your project will draw on.

Start using various combinations of your key words in Discover, Google Scholar, and other databases. eg. spirituality and digital environments

There is a goldmine of material out there directly relevant to you.

You will progressively  move closer to your focus on spirituality and virtual/ digital space/gaming environments, experiential branding etc


Abundance of other material on all of these topics in:

  • Discover
  • Library Catalogue
  • Google Scholar


List of Material:

Starting Kit 27 July 2015

  • Jane McGonigal: Reality is Broken: Why games make us better and how they can change the world 2011
  • Jane McGonigal other work
  • M Bauwens: Spirituality and technology: Exploring the relationship 1996
  • P Martinez-Zarate ; Corduneanu, Isabela ; Martinez, Luis Miguel. S (I) pirituality. Immersive Worlds as a Window to Spirituality Phenomena 2008
  • Barry Brown and Oskar Juhlin: Enjoying machines 1972
  • Shaz Smilansky: Experiential marketing [electronic resource] : a practical guide to interactive brand experiences 2009
  • Rowold, Jens: Effects of Spiritual Well-Being on Subsequent Happiness, Psychological Well-Being, and Stress. 2011
  • Plus other research on Spiritual well being PDF available if you search for this on Google Scholar or Discover
  • Susan A. David, Ilona Boniwell, Amanda Conley Ayers edited : The Oxford handbook of happiness 2013

29 July 2015



Theory Categories:

Gameful, Gamification, Gaming Environments, Wellbeing, Empathy, Happiness, Spirituality in Virtual / Digital Space/ World

Context Categories:

Communities, Charity Culture, International Intergration, Religious Places, Religious Gatherings, Religious Events, Experiential Branding & Marketing, Experience Design, Emotional Connection, Culture Building, Nonprofit Organisation,


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