Rosato, Donna – Should I Change How I Give to Charity?


Author: Rosato, Donna

About Author: Founding Executive Director: The Center for High Impact Philanthropy. University of Pennslyvania. She provides analysis and educated individuals on how to maximise social impact of charitable donations. Previously worked in management consulting, community development, and non-profit management.

Title: The Big Question: Should I Change How I Give to Charity?

Source Type: Journal Article

Date: Dec 2014

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I give to charity simply because I think the money will be used for the cause. And the amount is restricted to how much I have.


This is a good article expressing questions regular donors have. Rosqueta gives her advice like:

  • Ask yourself where you can get the most bang for your buck.
  • Search on charity screening sites to check charities. Get involved to see its operations.
  • Spread your donations to learn about orgs
  • Don’t give to orgs you dont trust.
  • People who give and volunteer are happier and more successful.

From a charity point of view it shows that you have to be transparent these days, make sure your using donations to the maximum effect and using practices which lead to the most change.