The Medicine Wheel & What do people seek in spirituality?


Ideas from: Rutherford, L. (2008). The view through the medicine wheel: Shamanic maps of how the universe works. San Francisco: O Books.

Medicine means “Vital Forces”, “Life Force” “Wholeness”. To be whole is to be healed, to bring to an end the end separation of the parts of oneself and seperation from life so as to b ecome a fully integrated human. A fully integrated whole human is a “holy person”.

Medicine is anything which brings personal power and understanding, strength and wisdom gained through life experience. It is power over oneself and ones ability to respond to and to consciously co-create life.

The Medicine Wheel teaching the living of life in a way that brings healing and health to the Earth Mother and to all of our family, friends, and fellow creatures. It guides us to maintain our connection to the Great Mystery and to all aspects of life.

The Medicine Wheel is a way of teaching fundamental truths about our world. It is not didactic and it is not a belief system but a oath to knowledge, a way of “seeing ” the Universe and its great powers, of understanding our individual place in the scheme of things, and learning about the relationships of these powers to each other and to ourselves. These teachings have come to us from our ancestors who learned them through experience. It is for us to test them by our own experience and make them live for us.


What do people seek in spirituality?

  • Power & Knowledge
  • A way of understanding life. & life on Earth
  • Our connection to all things
  • Our way home?
  • Way to see life more clearly
  • Understand the structure of life
  • See how one action causes another
  • How to steer a good heartfull road through lifes many challenging and variegated circumstances